I am here to share my story that how Akshaya Patra has impacted my life. My name is Subhadarshini Sahoo and my father’s name is Sri Jagannath Sahoo. I am a student of Saradhabali High School, studying is Class VI.

My father works in a gold-ornament shop as a daily wage earner. Whatever he brings as his daily earnings is very difficult to meet family expenses.There is serious food problem in my house. I had to skip my meals sometimes. I even felt bad when I saw my mother going hungry mostly to make sure that I get some food in my stomach. I often felt like crying.

“In our school Akshaya Patra has been providing us with Mid-Day Meals for the past two years. I am regularly eating the food and it has helped ease my family food problem to a great extent. Weekly the Akshaya Patra Foundation is providing us with varied nutritious food items. I like the palao and kheer the most, it is very tasty.”

I don’t like vegetables but they I eat them because they highly nutritious as we read in our science book. We eat out afternoon meals in our school, in plates, till our stomach is full. We wait eagerly for our blue food vans to arrive. Everyday it is the most exciting part of the day. Previously, most of my friends did not attend school. But now all come to school, our class is always full and it is great fun, because of the food provided by Akshaya Patra.

If Akshaya Patra could provide Mid-Day Meal to all the schools in India, then no child would be deprived of education due to lack of food and seek employment. It would then be possible to have good and responsible citizens.

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