Uzair dreams for a place in an MNC as a Software Engineer

Hello! Myself, Uzair. I am an Akshaya Patra beneficiary, studying in Standard IX at GHS, Kaval Baysandar, Bengaluru. Babajan, my father is a TT Driver for the past 15 years and my mother is a homemaker. In all her prayers, she wishes for me to be a big man, working at a large company and making a fortune. 

Babajan is passionate about driving. He always tells me that the key to good driving technique is smoothness, and the secret to smoothness is good preparation. I take his lessons and knit it with my dream as I prepare myself bit-by-bit each day to become a software engineer. 

My friends say that it is only about data managing and computers. However, I think that software engineering is more than just coding or programming. It’s an opportunity to help others through the power of technology. So, I wish to be one such professional, by wish not by chance.

I like Akshaya Patra food very much, specially rice and sambar. Even my parents are satisfied that I have a healthy lunch every day at school.

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