Challenge of sitting idle at home

45-year-old Rajendra Prajapati from Jaipur was left in a fix when the lockdown was announced. Questions like, how will my family survive? what will people think about our status? How will we overcome this financial crisis? Sitting at home without a job was not very easy as his family was not able to eat one full square meal a day. 

Rajendra Prajapati was not able to get any work due to the lockdown. His family was not in the financial situation to even buy a gas to cook meals, let alone buying groceries. He says, “Akshaya Patra is doing a fantastic job by serving cooked meals which are helping us survive in this challenging time. Distribution of cooked meals is what is helping us more than the dry grocery kits.”

When unable to buy gas or cook meals, Akshaya Patra’s meals were the only source of food. Feed vulnerable communities in times of distress.

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