Found Food & Shelter when Least Expected

There is always hope and one should never give up on that, ever

The story of Shivanand Malali is one of despair and hope. He had come to Hubballi in search of a job, just a month before the lockdown was announced. He had no idea what was awaiting him. A thousand things worried him – he had just left his home to work here; he had a family to feed back at home; the factory he worked for, had shut off all operations and now he was stranded without a job, money and home.

Devastated, he went to the nearest railway station with whatever he had. As fate would have it, the trains were not operating. For 2 days he was left with neither any money to rent a place or buy food for himself. 

Shivanand Malali finished his night shift at a factory where he worked as an electrician. He left his workplace looking forward to a day full of rest but found himself stranded with no food to eat and no place to stay. He had lost even the slightest hope of returning home. At this same time, police officials brought him to a nearby BCM Hospital that was a temporary shelter to him and 50 others too. Shivanand expresses his gratitude for all the help that he received at the right time. He was relieved to know that he will not only get food but it will be fresh and hygienic too.

Help arrives when he least expected it. Your generous donations can support millions with much-needed food relief.

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