One earner & seven mouths to feed

A grandmother who worries about her son’s family of seven.

Aakila lives with her son and his family of seven. She worries about how he is going to take care of all of them as he was a welder. She lives with his wife, his three children and one girl whom they adopted after the death of her mother. Life was already difficult for them and the lockdown added to their woes. They weren’t able to pay three month’s rent due to no income, how were they going to keep their stomachs full?

Aakila’s grandchildren had also stopped going to school. The previous day, their teacher had called up, asking them to come to school to collect ration kits for children, they were overjoyed. These Happiness Kits will ensure that at least the children will have enough to eat. 

Children bereft of mid-day meals get visibly weaker; they need to be taken care of in this crisis.

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