Taking pride in being a grave digger’s daughter

During the pandemic, the death rate increased and too many bodies were being brought for burial.

Sathya is a daughter of a gravedigger at Kallahalli Cemetery Graveyard in Bengaluru and has been working as a registrar for the last six months. She lives in the cemetery with eight members of the family. She is the eldest amongst them and is proud of what she does at the graveyard. The pandemic saw a surge in the number of deaths. Too many bodies were being brought for burial, so much that they didn’t have the time to even drink water. Sometimes, they landed up working from early in the morning to late in the evening. It was a very bad situation for the 16 families that stayed on the cemetery premises. 

They were all overworked and sourcing food with everything being shut due to the lockdown was very difficult. In this tough time, Akshaya Patra helped the families of gravediggers. She thanks the organisation for doing a commendable job. She appreciates that at a time to spend with family, they worked for people like them.

Make a difference in people working overtime without a pause. Support people living in cemeteries and burial grounds with Akshaya Patra.

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