The only concern – will we survive without food?

The lockdown posed a great threat to the survival of millions of families who had lost their only source of income. Millions of them vacated their houses because they did not have the money to pay their bills or rent. 

41-year-old Narsamma had never even dreamt that she will run out of food. All these years, she was able to feed her family because her husband had a job and regular income. But now, the Coronavirus had brought disaster in their lives; they were not able to make ends meet.

Living in Lanka Gadda Basthi in Kandi proved to be working in her favour. The Akshaya Patra kitchen in Kandi had started distributing free meals to the people in need. She could not have asked for anything more in this crucial hour. Now, whatever they would otherwise have to spend on buying groceries, they were able to save it for such uncertain times. The quantity of food provided by the Foundation was more than sufficient to feed her whole family. Simple food like Sambar and Rice brought a big smile on her face and tears of joy in her eyes. 

The fact that she and her family will never have to worry about the quantity of food, comforted Narsamma. She finds relief in knowing that people like her will be able to get unlimited food till the crisis lasts.

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