Wish the Pandemic is the Last Hurdle

The COVID-19 pandemic was another hurdle in the life of Anandi – she wishes it is the last one now.

Anandi Patil is a resident of the Lokmanya Nagar Pada No. 4 in Mumbai, Maharashtra, for over 25 years now. After her marriage with Mr. Patil, they have been childless and this has been a deep-seated pain in her life. However, the couple had learned to live with the pain and carried on with their daily lives. Just when everything seemed to be going smoothly, her husband was diagnosed with a life-threatening disease. To run the household when her husband was unable to fend for them, Anandi had to step into the shoes of a working woman. She managed to secure a livelihood as domestic help. She stood on her feet and managed to earn money for the house and her husband’s medication.

Unfortunately, her husband did not survive his ailment and passed away, leaving behind yet another hurdle for Anandi to overcome – a huge loan repayment. The moneylenders kept harassing her for the loan repayment. But she never accepted defeat easily and somehow tackled the issue. 

Now, in 2020 as things were slowly settling down for Anandi in terms of work and income, the COVID-19 pandemic struck. The resulting lockdown rendered her unemployed for over 3 months. Thankfully, she received the grocery kit from The Akshaya Patra Foundation and is happy that she has enough to take care of herself. 

A big shout out to courageous and strong women like Anandi who struggle to survive but keep moving and never give up in life.

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