Smt. Rani K., a teacher who really makes a difference!

Learning can be fun! Meet Smt. Rani K., a teacher from Government Model Primary School, Jigani, Karnataka. She is the Class Teacher of Standard I, II and III. She is in the profession of teaching for the last 24 years.

 During our interaction, Smt. Rani said, “When I joined this school, the state of the students was not good as they couldn’t even speak good English. As time elapsed, I really started understanding the real needs of the students and analysed their performance. The school supported us (the teachers) by every possible means with the help of the Government. Still, something was lacking…And it turned out to be food!” 

Smt. Rani seemed elated to mention, “I am really glad to see that the enrolment of children has gone up in the past few years. Thanks to the tasty meal served by The Akshaya Patra Foundation.” 

She further added, “Most of the children who come to this school are the first-learners of their home. So, when they go back  conduct interactive sessiohome, there is nobody to guide them. Hence, I took it heads on to explain the maximum lessons during the school time only. To make learning interesting, Ins like ‘Did you know’ the fact, question-answer, ‘make something creative,’ sometimes dance as well with the little ones, to make them feel that I’m one of them. This way I also build confidence in students.” 

The dedication of teachers like Smt. Rani K. goes beyond teaching as profession. We bow down to the true makers of the society who not only shapes the character of a child but also explores their calibre.  

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