Live for Others

Created By : Mr Anand Patti
Live for Others

Campaign Goal Rs. 7,50,000.00

Raised So Far Rs. 7,53,750.00

Raised fund can feed 793 children/year

Start Date
Nov 22, 2014

End Date
Feb 25, 2015

Note: Rs. 1100 can feed a child for a year

Campaign Overview

Dear Friends:

1:1 Match:

As part of this campaign, let’s together feed 1000 children for the next one year for a mere Rs.750 ($12.50) per child.

No amount is too small but please donate generously. For every Rupee/Dollar you donate, I will donate another Rupee/Dollar. If you donate as part of this campaign, you help double the number of children!

Thanks in Advance!

Anand Patti

Akshay Patra Facts for those not familiar:

-> Akshay Patra got ICAI Awards for Excellence in Financial Reporting for the year 2012-13. 

-> Since 1958, only 3 organizations (all categories) have been qualified to appear in the Hall of Fame (ICAI): Infosys, Nucleus Software and The Akshaya Patra Foundation. Amongst NGOs Akshay Patra is the first.

-> As of now, serving wholesome food to over 1.4 million children from 10,661 schools across 10 states in India. Mission is to reach 5 Million by 2020. You can help the remaining ones.

-> With the Target set for this campaign, about 1000 children can get meal for one whole year.

-> Contribute Rs 750 (or multiple of Rs 750) to sponsor meals for one child (or multiple children) for a year

-> Check how is your money spent:

-> You get a 100% Tax Exemption Certificate. Check why to donate:


Questions to ourselves:

-> How much does a Pizza cost?

-> How much does a weekend movie cost?

-> What is the cost of the latest mobile?

-> How much does our child's Birthday party and toys cost us?

-> Can we save some money to feed a child for a year?

Campaign Donors

  • Mr. Anand Patti
  • Mr. Chetan Makam
  • Mr. Pavan Kumar P V
  • Mrs. Sandhya Pathi
  • Mr. Venkatesh Pathi
  • Mr. Prashant Badagi
  • Ms. Ramya Bijinepalli
  • Mrs. Neelima Koneru
  • Mr. Brahmeswara R Yerrabolu
  • Mr. Raju Macharla
  • Mr. Sudhakar Gs
  • Ms. Vasavi Tadavarty
  • Mr. Raghu Rama Krishna P
  • Mr. Venkatesh Pathi
  • Mr. Phanendra Nath Kandula
  • Mr. Kiran Tallam
  • Mr. Rajeev Pandurang Vadavi
  • Mr. Hitesh Jain
  • Mrs. Anand Gonuguntla
  • Mrs. P.uma
  • Mr. Harsha Sasidhar
  • Mr. Praveen Yeddula
  • Mr. Narayanan Thyagarajan
  • Mr. Kiran
  • Mr. Sushanth Jayanthi
  • Mr. Chakravarthy Gorjala
  • Mr. Sunil Kumar Vemula
  • Mr. Vishwanath Belagur
  • Mr. Nadhamuni Nerella
  • Mr. Nadhamuni Nerella
  • Mr. Narendra Guntunur
  • Mrs. Aparna Devi Koppuravuri
  • Mrs. Jagruti Patel
  • Mr. Santosh Shanbhag
  • Mr. Tejas Nevrekar
  • Mr. Venilla Malugu
  • Mr. Shashidhar N Pathikonda
  • Mr. Maram Rangaiah
  • Mr. Murty V Dasaka
  • Mr. Sudheer Vemula