A boy with joie de vivre

Born to Nagesh and Yamuna, Deekshit is a 13-year-old boy with a perpetual smile on his face. An extremely chirpy child, Deekshit is a student of Standard VIII of Padua High School in Nanthur, Mangaluru. To him, the key to every obstacle is unending happiness. Though Deekshit is differently abled, born with a defect in his legs, he has his mind set on what he wants to do.

Being a staunch supporter of Mahatma Gandhi and his Satyagraha movement, Deekshit says, “I want to become a police officer and rescue people.” He further adds, watching his favourite Kannada actor Sudeep has inspired him immensely to follow his dream of becoming a police officer. During the conversation, the most inspiring thing was that there was not one sad moment or hint of displeasure about his disability, which was a true testimony of Deepshit’s strong character.

On visiting Padua High School where Deekshit studies we met the Headmaster Francis D’cunha, who is a strong supporter of children who are differently abled and those who hail from marginalised communities. “Earlier when the universalisation of education took place, there were a very few schools at that time and most of the high profile schools didn’t provide education for the marginalised section because their intake was limited. With the intervention of the diocese in Mangaluru, our school made a decision to admit the students who are really in need of education. This establishment was opened for the cause of providing education to the marginalised sections of society,” he said.

Even Francis D’cunha was all praises for his student. “Deekshit is a good student. He is very respectful and always smiling. He has the potential of becoming what he wants. He can also become the Commissioner of Police when he grows up. We are here to support him and his classmates are always caring,” he said. Similarly, Deekshit also had great things to say about the faculty at his school. “I love coming to school. My teachers and friends are all supportive of me. The education here is also very good.”

When Deekshit gets home from school he is engaged in various activities. Being the good boy that he is, he first completes his homework and then enjoys a game of carrom with his younger brother. Deekshit’s unflinching hope and sheer determination is a validation for millions out there that impediments are nothing when ambitions are high!

We truly wish Deekshit, all the very best for his future!

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