10-Year Old Aspires to be a District Collector

This is how it all started - Aishwarya came back home one day and heard her parents fighting with a few people from her village about an issue. She was urged by her mother to go and play with her friends and to not return till she comes back for her.  

It was a nightmare for Aishwarya, a 10-year old girl studying in M.P. Prathamika Patashala’s 4th standard. She was already tired and wanted to eat something, but she had to leave her house without any food. She returned back home in the evening and saw her mother was sobbing. As soon as her mother saw her, she wiped away her tears and started feeding her plain rice with pickles. Her mother revealed that they had to leave their house because they went against the village customs of marrying their daughter at a young age. Aishwarya recalls her mother stressing that, ‘no matter what comes your way, you have to study well and grow up to become a big person one day.’ 

Her mother’s words still reverberate in her ears. After moving to Madaka district, her father started riding an auto while her mother stayed back at home. Her parents enrolled her in a nearby Government school where they were sure that Aishwarya will get one complete meal a day and does not have to stay on an empty stomach like them.

Aishwaya’s mother says, “I can survive even if I do not eat one day, but I want Aishwarya to eat well and grow up to be very healthy!” 

Aishwarya is a much-focussed child and aims to be a District Collector when she grows up. She says that when she has parents like hers, there is nothing that can stop her from achieving her goal. When asked why she wants to be one, she has a very clear-cut answer, ‘to make sure there is no corruption and nobody gives or takes bribe.’ She is so determined of achieving her dream that she has not missed a single day of school. The reason could be both her purpose of studying hard and the mid-day meals she receives at their school.  

Akshaya Patra implements the Mid-Day Meal Programme in over 52 locations across 12 states and 2 Union Territories of India. It serves nutritious and unlimited food for education to children boosting their health and education.  
Aishwarya’s dream is one of the millions of hope stories that Akshaya Patra nourishes and nurtures each day. Join the efforts of Akshaya Patra and give wings to million hopes.  

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