Anjali – A Teacher to Guide the Future

Anjali – A Teacher to Guide the Future

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  • January, 1 1970
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Every child grows up to be an adult who fondly remembers his or her teachers – those special people who shape one’s early worldview, nurture their germinating dreams and ease their fears. One of Akshaya Patra’s beneficiaries, 12-year-old Anjali Batti studying in Std VI in Balava Primary School, Gandhinagar, wants to grow up to be a part of this revered profession.  She animatedly talks about her aspiration of pursuing higher education and becoming a teacher – “It is very inspiring to see teachers confidently handling class.” Her teachers laud the punctual and studious girl. One of them says, “Anjali is organised and has a great attitude towards her friends. She has the skills for people management as well. She will definitely make a good teacher.”

Academics are of interest to the young girl, who lists Mathematics as her favourite subject. Sports, particularly Kho-kho, along with dancing hold a fascination for the young girl. Akshaya Patra’s mid-day meals, along with a love for education, are a big factor in drawing Anjali to school every day. “The food served at our school is very nutritious and unlike the food prepared at home. So, I like it,” says the young student, whose father works as a security guard and mother is a housewife. Her two siblings – an elder brother in Std X and younger sister in Std IV – too are beneficiaries of the Foundation. Mondays are eagerly awaited, as Anjali’s favourite Dal, roti and rice are served that day. 

We wish Anjali the very best and hope she becomes a teacher who will illuminate the path of numerous children!

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