Ankita’s Nursing Ambitions

Serving humanity is an endeavour that requires much commitment. One young lady who looks forward to making this commitment is Ankita, an Akshaya Patra beneficiary of Government Higher Primary School in Jyothipura, Bengaluru, studying in Std VII. She dreams of taking up the profession of nursing to help ease the pains of the ailing.  

Ankita elaborates on her plans to be a nurse enthusiastically, “I would like to take up the job of nursing. Nurses are like angels who help people suffering from pain. Like Florence Nightingale, I will be dedicated towards my patients and try to alleviate their sufferings and woes. I will work day and night for my patients and see to it that they are properly cared for.” The daughter of a father who works as a painter and a mother who is a tailor, Ankita is inspired by an aunt who is a nurse and finds her profession extremely fulfilling. The white nurses’ uniform too holds a big appeal for Ankita, who thinks that the pristine outfit makes them look like angels. “Nurses help injured and unhealthy people to be hale and hearty and once you treat them, you will forever remain in their hearts. I would like to see the smile on the patients’ faces when they get better. It is the patients’ smiles that keep the work interesting,” says Ankita, whose teachers appreciate her studiousness. They say she is an all-rounder who actively participates in sports, whilst also being good at her studies.  

Another thing Ankita loves about school is the nutritious mid-day meals served every day. “I like the meals served by Akshaya Patra but Bisi Bele Bath is my all-time favourite. Every day after having food, I get the energy to concentrate and learn,” says Ankita, who also has a sister studying in Std XI. The future nurse counts English and Hindi, taught by Lalita Miss and Anju Miss as her favourite subjects. 

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