I want to uphold the glory of tricolour!

I want to uphold the glory of tricolour!

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  • 1, January 1970
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“Army attire always fascinates me. Whenever I encounter an army officer, I instinctively salute them”. Hi, I’m Charan Kumar, studying 6th standard at Government High School, Yeshwanthpur. My goal in life is to join the Indian Army and safeguard the nation’s security.

Visualizing myself as an army officer excites me. India has given us so much, we are blessed to be born here and now it’s time for us to repay the kindness for providing us with a beautiful environment to live in. The best way to do it is by protecting it from danger. Hence, I want to see myself serving in the Indian Army. I’m aware that handling such a big role isn’t easy but, I’ll work selflessly to maintain peace and harmony in my country. I will protect my nation and my people from all external and internal threats. I do not fear joining the army, unlike others; Nation comes first and other things follow.

The Indian Army is the fourth-largest standing army in the world. For the betterment of the nation and to ensure the safety of citizens of our country, they stay alert every single second. Without good sleep, food and shelter, they stay active throughout the day and night as well. They are our true heroes! Thinking about them fills my heart with pride and respect. The path ahead of me is filled with difficulties yet, I would like to cross all the hurdles and reach my goal.

My family situation is grim. I don’t know how far I will go to achieve my dream or what I have to do to fulfil my dream. Right now, I am confident I will be able to manage the physical hardships.

A good meal is essential for one’s growth; it also helps us to be attentive during class hours. I am grateful for the meals I eat at school every day. I sincerely thank The Akshaya Patra Foundation for providing me and my schoolmates with hot and nutritious meals every day.

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