Deepak Raju, the upcoming Kabaddi Champion

Deepak Raju, the upcoming Kabaddi Champion

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  • January, 1 1970
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Deepak Raju Paswan is a student of TMC School number 132 at Thane, Maharashtra. He is good at academics as well as co-curricular activities. This all-rounder boy is teachers’ favourite student. 

Deepak Raju is humble in his behaviour and sincere in every task he takes up. No matter what work is given to him, he completes it with full dedication and that is what all the teachers of the school like about him. One of his teachers says, “Whether it is a school day or a holiday, Deepak never misses coming to school. Even when he is down with a fever, he comes to school.” He meets the expectations of his teachers and sometimes exceeds them too. 

On holidays, when the rest of the children are busy playing, Deepak Raju comes to school and lends a helping hand to the teachers to arrange books, to prepare study material for younger children, drawing pointer lines on notebooks, etc. Wherever he goes, he makes sure that he offers help. His classmates and almost the whole school has a liking for him.

Teachers are all praises for Deepak and cannot stop talking about him, his helpful nature. But, he prefers to be modest by replying “Abhi kiya hi kya hai” (What have I done to be proud of yet). 

Deepak says, “Modesty takes you to places. Even if I become famous one day, it will be because of the people who have helped me. I will continue to be grounded like this. I will never change.”

When asked about what he wants to do when he grows up, he starts talking about Pradeep Narwal. He is inspired by his story of how a small village boy grew into getting fame and brought pride to the country by playing Kabaddi for India. He adds that he wants to join the Indian Kabaddi team and Pro Kabaddi League as well. 

Deepak says he is aware that it is going to be difficult for him to follow his dream because the responsibility of taking care of his whole family will lie on his shoulders. He does not shudder with the thought, he says he is preparing himself for it.

He finishes school and heads straight to practice the sport in the evening. He says that going to practice Kabaddi is more effective when he goes directly from the school. Earlier, he used to back home and then go for practice but he noticed that he would not have the energy to play and often felt weak. 

Now, he feels he is better focussed to play and does not have to be disturbed by the growls of his stomach. Deepak says, “I love the food here at school and I feel that it takes me a step closer to becoming a world-class player.”

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