Hitakshi Dreams of Flying High in The Skies

Hitakshi Dreams of Flying High in The Skies

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  • January, 1 1970
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Hitakshi Dreams of Flying High in The Skies

Hitakshi's petite frame and soft-spoken demeanour starkly contrast the lofty aspirations that sparkle in her eyes. A 7th-grade student at Raipura Primary School, Vadodara, Gujarat, she adorns her forehead with a bindi and her hair in two neat ponies. Yet, a stubborn strand of hair persistently falls over her eyes, a minor annoyance that fails to dampen her bright smile. Her innocence and determination shine through in every conversation  

Hitakshi becomes excited whenever she sees a plane soaring in the sky. Even though the plane is far from her reach, she feels just inches close to flying it. Hitakshi aims to eradicate this distance and fly into the blue skies. She says, "My dream is to become a pilot and fly a plane high in the sky. I want to travel the world and see different cities. It has been my goal since I was eight years old."  

Describing the story behind her aspirations, Hitakshi says, "Whenever I hear a plane crossing over our village, I rush outside to see it. It looks so small from the ground." "This always makes me wonder, how does the city look from such a height?" she says with a curious tone. She continues, "I never sat in an aeroplane. When I become a pilot, I will fly to Ahmedabad and then to London. When I told my parents about this, they said I should pursue what I like and accomplish my dreams." 

Shedding light on her family's background, Hitakshi says, "I live in a nearby village with my parents and a younger brother. My father, Pravin, works in the consumer complaint department at GEB (Gujarat Electricity Board). And my mother is a housewife. My brother studies in 3rd grade in the same school."  

Talking about her routine, Hitakshi says, "I wake up early in the morning and help my mother with chores. Then I get my brother ready for the school. Our father drops us off at school before leaving for work. Post school hours, my brother and I walk back to home. It takes us around 30 minutes to reach home. After reaching, I get down to complete my homework. In the evening, I go outside to play with my brother and some friends in the neighbourhood. We return home by 7 pm and get back to studying. Once our father returns from work, we have dinner together and go to sleep by 10 pm."  

While Hitakshi dreams of touching the skies and watching the world from the heights, she needs proper nutrition for growth. Akshaya Patra's school feeding programme ensures that she receives the daily required nutrition for her mental and physical development. Regarding the food served, Hitakshi says, "We receive the food from Akshaya Patra in our school. I have been to the kitchen once. It is a clean and tidy place. Everyone there wears a mask, cap and gloves while preparing food. The food they serve in school is warm and tasty. My brother and I enjoy it a lot, especially dal-rice and thepla. Those are our favourites." 

These meals are an effort to implement PM POSHAN Abhiyaan across the government schools in India. Akshaya Patra's mid-day meal programme aligns with the UN's sustainability development goals (SDG-1 and SDG-4), eradicating poverty and providing quality education. The programme helps 2.1 million children like Hitakshi to stay healthy and focus on achieving their aspirations.  

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