Mohammad Wants to Protect the Nation Like A Superhero

Mohammad Wants to Protect the Nation Like A Superhero

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  • January, 1 1970
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Mohammad Wants to Protect the Nation Like A Superhero

Mohammad Noor Ali is a 5th-grade student at Government Public School (G.P.S) Gadarpur, Uttarakhand. Affectionately called ‘Lucky’ by his friends and family,  he is an avid reader of books and an ardent fan of comic characters. These books and comics, along with the quality education he receives at school, have inspired him about his career and given him life aspirations. He says, “I want to join the Indian army, become a soldier, and protect my nation. Our school’s library has many books about famous soldiers like Major Somnath Sharma, Shaitan Singh, etc., who laid down their lives to protect the nation. Apart from this, various patriotic movies have inspired me. My favourite is Shershah. It is about the Kargil War and the soldiers who fought to win it. I am very much inspired by it as well. One day, I will become a commando like him and defeat the enemies on the border.”

But Lucky's journey towards his aspiration is not without its challenges. He says, “I have prepared a schedule for my morning routine and need to start following it regularly. The plan is to get up early in the morning. Although I wake up early every day, it is to offer the 1st prayer of the day. Per my current routine, I go home and help my aunt with her chores. After that, I go to school. Once I am back from school, I will go for a long run. This will be followed by doing a basic workout for half an hour. This schedule will help me in preparing for army exams and their lifestyle. I cannot follow it as it is the winter season, and it is freezing in the morning. But I am determined to overcome this challenge and continue my preparations.”

Lucky is fortunate to have a supportive family. He lives near the school with his relatives. He says. “My family hails from Moradabad, in Uttar Pradesh. I stay here with my uncle and aunty, who have been very supportive of my aspirations. My father, Mohammad Anwar Ali, works as a cook at a hotel. And Shayera, my mother, is a housewife. They sent me to Gadarpur to pursue my dreams and get better opportunities than I could get in my hometown."

Mohammad, aka Lucky, receives hot, tasty, and nutritious meals from Akshaya Patra daily. These meals, beyond just providing nutrition, play a crucial role in maintaining his health and fueling his dreams. Speaking of food, he says, “We receive meals from Akshaya Patra every day in school. The food is tasty and nutritious, and there is something different every day. I like Daliya the most.”

Like Lucky, 2.1 million children across India benefit from Akshaya  Patra’s school feeding programme. These meals are not just a meal, but an effort to implement PM POSHAN Abhiyaan in government schools. Akshaya Patra’s mission and vision, in line with the UN’s sustainable development goals: SDG -2 and SDG -4 (eradicating hunger and providing quality education), are making a significant impact on the lives of these children.

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