Nousheen: Of selfless deeds and kindness

Nousheen is a 9th standard student who believes that dreaming big is an important part of life. Her father works as a labourer while her mother works as a domestic help. They live in a small house close to the school. 

Known to be the bright spark in the class, Nousheen is respected for her kind and selfless personality."I want to become a lecturer. I love Hindi language and I want to become a good teacher to my students," says a happy Nousheen. She credits Akshaya Patra for its delicious mid-day meals. "I love the khichdi (rice and lentils) served by Akshaya Patra,” said Nousheen. 

Nousheen then introduces us to her elder sister, Afreen who studies in the 10th standard. Afreen suffers from a hand deformity which has made her right hand immovable. Initially Afreen was reluctant to talk about the disability, however after a bit of interaction she finally opened up. "My hand has been like this for many years. Sometimes I wonder why this happened to me," says a tearful Afreen.

Afreen’s disability has made her so conscious that sometimes she refuses to eat in school. Even if Afreen eats at school, she would sit alone. "Some students make fun of her disability. That is why she goes home to eat and refuses to eat with her school friends. But I always encourage her to come out of this and be strong," says Nousheen. 

Nousheen is quite the opposite of her sister. She is friendly and outgoing. But the compassion Nousheen has for her sister reflects in her personality. Once Nousheen is done with her homework, she then helps her sister complete her homework. Both help their mother with the daily chores. Despite being the younger sibling, Nousheen has taken up the mantle to support her sister wholeheartedly.

As we concluded the conversation, the management assured us that they will try and make Afreen feel comfortable at school. We wish both the sisters all the best for the future.

(Nousheen and Afreen study at The Zilla Parishad High School in Kanukunta village, Jinnaram Mandal in Medak district, Telangana.) 


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