Honing skills to be a professional dancer

Honing skills to be a professional dancer

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  • January, 1 1970
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Once more, once more, once more…
The school crowd kept cheering even after a couple of minutes after the dance performance. Claps, hoots and whistles filled the whole atmosphere with a roar that she had never heard before. This was a dream come true for Preeti, a student of Jupiter school in Nagpur, Maharashtra.

Good in academics and excellent in dancing – this is what defines Preeti. She is a favourite student of teachers and feels extremely proud when she hears their appreciation for her. Teachers of her school like her so much that the whole school recognises her for the extraordinary talent that she has. Even the Principal thinks of her as an excellent dancer, is aware of her talent and encourages her at every given stage of her life. 
The Principal continues to say, “She is a brilliant student. She couldn’t learn dancing in an academy because of the financial situation of the family. But, we knew how much potential had. So, we enrolled her in one of the dance classes and we are sure of a bright future that awaits her.”

On every Annual Day, all the teachers would encourage her to perform a solo number and she would readily agree. Apart from a solo performance, she would also choreograph for various age-groups. Her mother is proud of Preeti and says that there is not a single day where she does not dance; she practices all day long when there is no school. 

Preeti was enrolled in this school as it was nearby her home and school meals were provided too. There was a point when the food taste and quality of food had changed. The school teachers explained that it was due to a change in the NGO that served them the school lunch. She stopped eating lunch at school and started carrying her tiffin box every day. But that food was not sufficient for her.

After a few days, the good food started being served again; this made Preeti and her friends very happy. Her parents were relieved that their daughter would get to eat nutritious meals again. According to the Principal, “We requested the school authorities for Akshaya Patra’s meals to be served again as children were not eating food properly.”

Preeti says that if it was not for Akshaya Patra’s food, she would not have the required energy to dance as she does now. She and her parents are extremely grateful for the healthy meals served at school because it is Preeti’s major source of energy.

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