A Flaw in her Skin Motivates Roshni to become a Cosmetic Surgeon

A Flaw in her Skin Motivates Roshni to become a Cosmetic Surgeon

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  • January, 1 1970
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For Roshini, the whole of her childhood was lost because of a white patch on her chin. She was worried that it will spread to her body or that some food will cause an adverse reaction to it and that all her friends would move away from her. One day, all her anxiety died down when she was given access to the internet. She wants to become a Cosmetic Surgeon and help other people like her.

Every child loves being accepted in her surroundings. This is a story of a young girl from Odisha, Roshni She was accepted as she was in her family. But only after she started going to school did she feel that she had a flaw, a small white patch on her skin. The confidence she had as a little kid, deteriorated as she grew up. She was growing more conscious and insecure as days passed by.

Roshni recollects the days when she was made fun of by other students and calling her names like patchy, white-patch, etc. Days were horrible for her as those words traumatised her every day. She slowly started moving away from crowds, friends and started distancing herself from everywhere possible. She had also stopped eating food fearing any allergic reaction to the patch or its spread.

One day, she was introduced to the internet by her friend and everything changed. Roshni realized that she was insecure about her patch and worried about the food she ate for no reason. Today, she is glad she has accepted the patch as her mark of identity. With this identity, she wants to become a Cosmetic Surgeon and give confidence to people who are insecure about their looks. Also, while reading up about the food that is beneficial for her skin, she decided to read up about the NGO that offers free meals to children in her school – The Akshaya Patra Foundation. She was surprised and elated at the same tie to know that the organisation ensured cleanliness at every step and that children’s safety was their priority too. Since then, she has never hesitated to eat her school meals.

Roshni’s teachers at Hanspal Higher Primary School were surprised to see a sudden change in her. Today, she is a confident girl who is good at academics and participates in all co-curricular activities. To encourage her further in achieving her dreams and in whichever way they can, the teachers support her morally and financially. 

Everyone needs a push and for Roshini that push was the access to internet and education. Support the food and education of more such children; for all you know, you could be someone that makes a huge impact.

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