Students need to be moulded, that’s why they need a teacher

Students need to be moulded, that’s why they need a teacher

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  • January, 1 1970
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Education moulds a person and teaches them to inculcate good values in life. It teaches them to become responsible citizens who are aware of their behaviour and duties. Who knows this better than Sneha? Studying in MP Prathamika Pathashala in Telangana’s Mehboobnagar, Sneha has an aversion towards her father as he is an alcohol addict.

You must have heard a lot of stories of children, but this story is different. At 13-years of age, Sneha has seen the worst that life has to offer her. Her father comes home drunk every day and on the days that he does not come home, she does not let her mother go in search of him, but she steps up to bring him back home. Though the place where he goes to drink is dark and dingy, she does not fear like how she used to initially. 

Gone were the days when she was this timid looking girl who would get shouted at by her father; would only listen to him shout at his mother and not utter a single word. Today she is the one who talks sense into her father and pulls him back home to remind him of his responsibilities and duties. 

Those who do not perform their duties and lack a sense of responsibility can never succeed in their lives.

Sneha is studying in 8th standard and was not able to keep quiet about her father’s insanity and irresponsibility. After many years of suffering silently, constant support from teachers and friends has helped her take a firm stand against her father. She says, “My father has become more cautious.”

She says, “Today, I am independent. I do not depend on my father or mother for anything. When I can walk 7 km daily to school, I can do anything on my own. I want to be able to handle all my problems on my own. My circumstance at home has taught me many life lessons. Not everyone is very fortunate to learn on their own. People need someone to tell them that they can better themselves every day. I want to be that teacher who can mould children to become better human beings and perform their duties well.”

Sneha adds that she doesn’t want anyone else to become like her father and leave the family members to suffer like how she suffered along with her mother. She says that given the circumstances at home, school is her getaway place. And the school meals are her energy boosters. Being at school offers the peace that she does not get at home. She enjoys being with her friends and sharing meals with them. Vegetable sambar and rice is her favourite meal at school.

There are many more stories of children who have dreams like Sneha but are scared about the breaking of their dreams due to financial constraints. Their thoughts are, ‘forget having money to fulfil my dreams, we do not have the money to eat anything at all.’ Let’s join hands to feed such children to make their lives a success story one day.

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