I want to be the best lawyer that society has ever seen

I want to be the best lawyer that society has ever seen

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  • January, 1 1970
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The sound of the TV was loud and the neighbours could hear a boy repeating the dialogues of a 1989 Kannada movie starring Ravichandran titled Yuddha Kanda. The boy named Steven H moved from Yadgir district to Karnataka’s Bengaluru. Studying in the 8th standard of BBMP Boys High School in Tasker Town, he wants to become a layer and help people and society.

Steven says, “I want to help people as a lawyer – those wrongfully convicted, those that aren’t helped by the police – I wish to fight for them in court.”

In his school, he is famous for bringing forward valid statements during his discussions and arguments. He is known as the logical arguer of the class. He is a regular in the debate competitions and his friends say that it is almost impossible to win against his arguments. 

His father, who is an Uber cab driver says that he questions him a lot and never accepts anything at face value. Any small issue, he is always on the edge and never rests till it is sorted. For example, his friend was punished for no fault of his. Till he proved his innocence, he did not have a sound sleep. 

His mother is a domestic worker who takes care of him and his elder and younger brother while his father is on duty. He has known the hardships of life and has learnt how to save every single rupee. His parents live in Whitefield and his school is quite far from his home. Going by walk or travelling every day is not a feasible option, which is why he stays in Samaja Kalyan Ilake Hostel in Kodandarama Nagar near his school. His parents come to see him twice a week and he goes home to enjoy his extended holidays.

Steven is a very dedicated student, says his mother. He says he is very serious about becoming a lawyer and this reflects on his choice of favourite subjects, which are Civics and Politics. 

He says, “I stay up-to-date on current events by reading newspapers and watching the news on television.”

Adding to the above statement, he says that he needs a good heart and firm mind to become a lawyer. No matter how complicated the case is, he says that one should argue successfully and win it.

Apart from having high regards for the profession, Steven also has respect for his school food. He enjoys his mid-day meals and his favourite dishes are Puliyogre and Bisibele Bhath. He says that he cannot stop himself from taking second servings. He adds that he enjoys the fruits served every week and bananas are his favourites.

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