Sujita wants to be a doctor & treat people for free

Sujita wants to be a doctor & treat people for free

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  • January, 1 1970
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Sujita is a small child who speaks about practicality. There are no roses for her. Though she is a 3rd standard student, she has big aspirations in life. Her headmistress is very proud of her and says that the struggles she faces every day are hidden by her little smile. She lives with her grandparents from the time her father dropped her there and her mother remarried. Her struggles taught her independence and she wants to become a doctor who doesn’t charge any fee.

The memories are still very fresh in Sujita’s head. The day her grandfather told her about her parents leaving her with them was the day her whole world came tumbling down. She could not believe that her parents did not want to see her face. Her father dropped her at her grandparents’ house and her mother remarried. She has only seen them in photographs. Initially, she would crave to see them, meet them, touch them and feel their love. When her grandparents would come to every school meet, she would often wonder when her parents would come to school with her like others. 

Sujita often wondered, ‘My parents haven’t come home yet; maybe they are busy. When I see them, I will hug them so tight that I will not let go off of them.’

She continues by saying that she used to dream of them almost every single day. She had so many dreams to be fulfilled and she would patiently wait for their arrival because her grandparents used to tell her that they would come one day. 3 years ago, when she confronted them to know about the truth, her grandmother told her that they had moved on and left her with them forever.

Today, Sujita studies in the 3rd standard of CPS Primary School in Silvassa, Daman. She is an independent child who is very clear in her life. Beginning with waking up, getting ready, putting on her socks and shoes, she has learnt to do everything on her own.

Sujita’s thoughts are commendable; she says, “My grandparents are quite old. It is not fair on my part to burden them for taking care of me. In fact, I should be the one who helps them in their chores.”

Despite being a very silent child, she never steps back from expressing herself and standing for the truth. She says she is content with her grandparents. When asked about wanting to meet her parents, she says, “I don’t want to meet them. They are my parents but they left me so why should I meet them.” 

She aspires to become a doctor when she grows up. She says that her grandfather is happy with her choice but he had also explained the financial difficulties of pursuing her dream. But Sujita says, “I often feel scared but that is my dream, so be it.” Her Headmistress at school feels that she is a promising child, “At this age, she has been through a lot. She is so courageous and loving that one cannot say what has happened to her. She hides it behind a smile.”

Sujita is a very lovable child who adds practicality to everything that she speaks. There is no non-sense in her talks. When asked about her school life, she says that it keeps her focussed on her dreams of becoming a doctor. Want to know why she wants to become a doctor? She saw her grandfather struggle for her grandmother’s treatment when she fell ill with a viral fever. They could not afford both the medicines and doctor’s fees because of which her grandfather borrowed money at a higher interest. She has seen the struggle, which is why she wants to treat patients free of cost.

Sujita is a young little child who dreams big and those dreams have wings because of the meals she eats. If it wasn’t for these meals, she wouldn’t come to school in the first place. She is happy about the lunch she receives at school as it lessens the burden on her grandparents. Her favourites on the menu are the vegetable subji and khichadi.

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