Yashasvi Dreams of Becoming a Paramedic and Help People in Distress

Yashasvi Dreams of Becoming a Paramedic and Help People in Distress

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  • January, 1 1970
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“The problem that we are going through motivated me to choose my aim.”
— Yashasvi Desalli, G.H.P.S. no. 5, Dharwad, Karnataka

Yashasvi Desalli is a 12-year-old girl with an ambition that can solve her family’s ongoing financial instability. She lives with her parents and 2 younger siblings (brother and sister) in Dharwad, Karnataka. Yashasvi and her siblings attend Government Higher Primary School No. 5, Gandhinagar, located in the nearby vicinity. She is in 7th grade while her sister and brother are in 4th and 1st standard, respectively.

Yashasvi’s mother, Manjula, works as a cook in nearby homes and is the sole bread earner of the family. Speaking about her father, she says, “My father’s name is Mohan, and he was a vegetable vendor, selling onions and potatoes”. She continues, “But due to health issues and some medical complications he is left bedridden for an unspecified period. It’s been one year since this incident happened”.

Due to the current situations, Yashasvi’s family are going through various challenges including financial constraints. She mentions, “Since my mother is the sole bread earner, there are various problems we need to face every month. A good chunk of amount goes in my father’s medicine and what is left is used for running the household. Also, my father needs constant medical attention, and assistance with his regular tasks. The regular tasks are fine, but for medical attention I need a paramedic specialist who can be available round the clock. And, it is not possible for us to afford one.”.

To tackle this situation, either Yashasvi or her mother stays at home to take care of her father. The entire situation has made Yashasvi realise her ambition. “I want to become a paramedical specialist. I’ve seen my parents going through a lot and it is still going on. And I don’t want anyone else to suffer like we did. Hence, I will become a paramedic and be always available for those who need help”, she says with a proud look on her face and a determination reflecting in her eyes.

Since her mother lives early for work, Yashasvi and her siblings often come to school on an empty stomach. This meal skipping can hamper their growth. But they don’t need to worry. Because every afternoon, Akshaya Patra’s hot, nutritious and tasty meals await them. It is an effort to implement PM Poshan Abhiyaan which ensures that the children in government flagship schools receive the minimum required nutrients on a daily basis. Today, this programme is benefitting Yashasvi and 2 million children like and helping them chase their dreams without worrying about food.

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