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Offline Donations

Submitted by Anonymous on Mon, 2011-03-14 14:00

We also have several modes of offline donations:

Cheque/ DD - You could send a Cheque or Demand Draft in favour of The Akshaya Patra Foundation to our Head Office.
Click here for further Information

Mobile Donations - You could also download our application in your phone and donate from anywhere at your convenience.
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Electronic Clearance Service - Fill a simple form and send it to us along with a cancelled cheque and we will execute your mandate for the given period of time.
Click to learn more and download the form

Cash(Not preferred):- We do not encourage cash donations. Please do not send us any envelope containing cash. If however, this is still your first preference, pay only at an Akshaya Patra office, preferably the Head Office. If you are paying cash to an authorised representative of Akshaya Patra, always verify his identity by checking his Identity Card and also by calling us. Never pay any cash without collecting a receipt. Please ensure that the receipt contains the hologram of Akshaya Patra. In case a receipt seems suspicious, do check and compare the receipt with the below sample. You may also call us for any further queries. Do inform us immediately if any representative offers to collect cash donations without producing an original copy of the receipt that looks exactly like this:

Akshaya Patra Donation Receipt

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