Kamini aspires to become a teacher and fulfill her grandfather’s dream

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  • 8th February, 2024
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“I want to fulfil my grandfather’s wish. I will become a commerce teacher.”

Kamini Chauhan, 8th grade, C.P.S English Medium School, Silvassa
13-year-old Kamini is a fun-loving girl. Talkative, funny, and full of life, Kamini’s teacher says that she has the personality and calibre to become a stand-up comedian. But Kamini is all determined to fulfil her grandfather’s dream of becoming a commerce teacher.

Kamini Chauhan is an 8th grade student at C.P.S English Medium School in Silvassa. She lives with her family at a walking distance from the school. Talking about her family, Kamini says, “I live with my mother and three siblings – two elder sisters and one younger brother. My father, Ramsakal Chahuhan, stays in Rajkot, Gujarat. He works there in Greenply as a labour, and visits us once in a couple of months. My mother, Anita, is a homemaker. All my siblings are studying. The elder sisters are in 11th and 9th grade, while my brother studies in 4th grade.”

Speaking of her routine, Kamini says, “On school days, I wake up at 6.30 in the morning. After getting ready, I come to school with my brother. Once school is over, I go home and watch TV.” When asked what kind of content she watches, Kamini replies, “There is a daily soap opera about a couple. I am a big fan of it. The show comes from 3 pm to 6 pm.” Continuing further on her routine, she says, “After the show ends, I leave for tuition. I come back at 8 pm. Then I have dinner with my family while watching a devotional show’. It is broadcasted from 8-9 pm. This is followed by watching the new episode of my favourite drama for one hour. Then I go to sleep, as I have to go to school in the morning.” Listening to this, the entire classroom burst out in laughter.

Joining them in the laughter, Kamini said, “This routine is only for weekdays. On Sunday, I wake up early at 5.30, get ready, play devotional songs and then start studying. When my family wakes up, I prepare tea for everyone. Then at 9 am there is a repeat telecast of all the episodes of my favourite drama show Ki’. So I watch those episodes till lunch time. After lunch, I go to sleep for 3-4 hours. In the evening I go outside for a small walk. After coming back, the routine is the same as weekdays”

Kamini aspires to become a teacher. Speaking more of her ambitions, Kamini says, “I want to become a commerce teacher. It is my grandfather’s dream. He wanted my father to become a teacher. But he couldn’t make it. My grandfather passed away in 2011. When my father told me about my grandfather’s wish, I decided to fulfil it. Since then, it has become my inspiration.”

Kamini is one of the 2.1 million beneficiaries of Akshaya Patra’s mid-day meal programme. The programme is an effort to implement PM POSHAN Abhiyaan in government and government-aided schools. The goal is to eradicate hunger and promote education among children, so they can work hard for achieving their aspirations.

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