The Akshaya Patra Foundation’s Governance philosophy is based on a set of laws, rules, regulations and good practices that enable the organisation to perform efficiently, and ethically and create value for all its stakeholders. With a mindset that strives to eliminate classroom hunger with the mid-day meal programme, we try to ensure that the organisation is committed to the belief that the adoption of the best governance practices will take us a long way ahead to promote trust among the shareholders and stakeholders. The roots of our value system and governance practices reflect the culture of trusteeship. Our core philosophy rests on 4 basic tenets:

  1. Board accountability to the organisation and stakeholders: We ensure to take responsibility and ownership of all our organisation’s activities and accordingly present a fair and balanced assessment of our position and prospects to stakeholders
  2. Equitable treatment to all stakeholders: Whether our stakeholders are major or minor, big or small, international or domestic, individual or organisational, we ensure to provide them equal treatment.
  3. Strategic guidance and effective monitoring by the Board: We ensure to keep our board members updated with sufficient information to help them make well-informed decisions, provide the organisation with strategic guidance and monitor long-term growth for the overall sustainability of the organisation.
  4. Transparency and timely disclosure: It is in the interest of our organisation to provide clear, timely and reliable information to make it accessible to all stakeholders.

Following the philosophy and adoption of the best governance practices, Akshaya Patra continuously strives for excellence.

We believe in creating institutional certainty and maintaining trust amongst all our partners. The Akshaya Patra Foundation works in partnership with the Central Government and various State Governments in implementing the mid-day meal programme. We aim to maintain a successful Public-Private Partnership to not only help us run the programme successfully with the government support of grain and cash subsidies but also to maintain good governance with best practices. 

Our partnership with the Government of India and various State Governments, along with constant and generous support from several corporates, individual donors, and well-wishers have helped us to grow – from serving just 1,500 children in 5 schools in 2000 to serving 2.2 million children every day!

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