BBMP workers clean without a break

Hundreds of BBMP workers work on the frontline through the pandemic without a break.

Be it night or day, BBMP workers are always on their toes when it comes to working. Anjannama and Gauramma are two BBMP workers who work along with 40 other people. It is due to people like them that the city is clean today. They work for long stretches to keep the city spick and span. 

Once they finish their work, they come to Akshaya Patra’s food relief service centre at KR Market to pick up their share of food. Those working in the first shift will collect the food packets on their way back home, while those working the second shift, come to the centre, take lunch and then go to work. They are happy that the organisation gives them how many ever packets of food they want. At times, the volunteers will even walk up to the place where they are working and hand over the food packets to them.

If they can continuously serve the city and nation without a pause, we can work for them to continuously provide food. 

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