Duty Comes First

While most of us are working from the safety of our homes, Sudha, a 40-year-old woman ventures out each morning just so that our homes and streets are trash-free and clean.

For Sudha and many like her who work in the municipal corporation, lockdowns do not curb their daily duty. They step out of their homes every morning, just so that we have clean surroundings. More often than not, we overlook their hard work. However, it’s time, we at least pay heed to their food needs during work hours. 

Sudha is one of the many workers in the Greater Chennai Corporation. Every afternoon, she and her co-workers cover a distance of 3 kilometres to reach the corporation office to have lunch. But even a 5-minute delay leaves their plates empty as food gets exhausted due to limited availability. The COVID-19 lockdown has further worsened this situation with small restaurants and shops remaining non-operational. Hence, many a times, Sudha and her co-workers turn a deaf ear to the hunger growls and work on empty stomachs, all day long. 

During one of the days when a meal delivery van of Akshaya Patra was out for distributing food as part of the on-going COVID-19 relief service in Chennai, Sudha and her co-workers got a chance to share their woes regrading lack of food. And since then, the Foundation has been serving them with hot and nutritious meals, every single day. 

With food or without, they upkeep cleanliness and hygiene. Lend an ear to their hunger calls and extend a hand to serve them plateful of much-deserved food. Support now.

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