Hunger Worries More than ‘Corona’

14-year old Shaheen Mohammad Ansari lives in Vadodara, near Pratapnagar Railway Station with her parents and siblings. Her father was the only bread-winner of the family who worked as a contract labourer. After the pandemic, he did not have a job at hand and they were not able to afford buying even the basics like oil, gas, etc. Shaheen says that they did not have dry ration at home to cook meals for everyone. She is grateful to Akshaya Patra’s cooked meal provision as it has eased the worries of her family and especially of her father to a large extent.

Shaheen is optimistic of a positive change where everything will return back to normalcy and people from vulnerable communities like theirs will be safe. 

Despite the hardships they face in this hour of crisis, they never give up on the hope of waking up to a better tomorrow! Meals can brighten up their lives. Support Akshaya Patra to feed them.

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