The Inability to support a family of six members

The inability to support a family of six members. 

8-year-old Om Harikant Khanderwal hails from a small locality called Lalbaug Kumbharwada in Vadodara. His father is a migrant worker who travels with his family of five members. In the lockdown, he had no source of income or any money to buy ration to cook. On says, “My father is not able to go to work and hence we don’t have any money. Our life has completely changed. During holidays, I used to play with friends and have fun. But, I can’t go out now. I only stay at home and wait for meals. I will pray to God that this illness will never happen again.”

When asked about the fresh meals served, Om said, ‘We get a very nice meal. We eat these meals every day. This has helped our family to survive in this difficult time. My father says that he sometimes wonders what would have happened if these meals were not served.”

Ever wonder what happens to families who are not able to eat healthy meals? They may face a long-term hunger crisis and grow to be malnourished Donate to provide meals with Akshaya Patra.

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