The struggles of a daily-wage worker

Kokilaben Chhaganbhai Valmiki, 30 years old, works as a civil daily wage labourer and earns a meagre ₹250 a day. As a working woman, she strives hard, day in day out, to keep her family of five fed. She and her family found it hard to afford even one square meal a day during the lockdown. Being a mother of three, she was worried of her children dying from hunger than from the “Corona” she kept hearing of.

This was the time when she heard of The Akshaya Patra Foundation – an NGO that was distributing grocery kits and serving freshly prepared, hot meals. This has immensely helped such families fight the force of hunger during the pandemic. Freshly prepared, healthy meals increase their immunity and gives them a better chance at fighting the risk of contracting COVID-19. These kind of immense moves to feed the needy, has given a new ray of hope to people like Kokilaben, while they patiently wait for life to return back to normal.

Till COVID crisis ceases, help people like Kokilaben lead a normal life! Support to feed them.


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