Timing to Seek Blessings Gone Wrong

A short visit to Vishakhapatnam to pray for the health and wealth of his family, turned out to be a strenuous one for an aged man.

Kesava Hari Gosai is a 67-year-old migrant labourer from Shirdi, Maharashtra. He had come to Vishakhapatnam for a short visit to see the temples and seek God’s blessings for his family and children. But, the timing was wrong. The lockdown was mandated to curb the spread of the virus and he was stuck for an uncertain amount of time.

With no way to back to Shirdi where his family awaited his return, the Andhra Pradesh Government provided him a shelter to stay and Akshaya Patra provided 3 meals a day. Initially, he was hesitant about eating the meals worrying about its hygiene and was concerned about his health. But, he was surprised at seeing the meals that were being served to him. It was just like home-cooked food.

Akshaya Patra’s food gave Kesava Hari Gosai peace of mind during this time of uncertainty. Else he fears that he would have not been able to stay healthy.


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