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Why is the thought that 'we serve food for education' upheld with great pride by Akshaya Patra, and even the government backing the idea by implementing mid-day meals scheme in schools? Yes it is as simple, because you can reach out to more children in a more organised way. Government schools in particular become the obvious target, as more children from a disadvantaged economic background attend
In the Part I of this series, we discussed on how nutrition is an important factor to Cognitive Development. In this section we try to throw some light on how all Akshaya Patra endeavours aim at ensuring that the children meet part of their nutrition requirement, at least once a day. What is the nutrition requirement set at, as per the Mid-Day Meal scheme? The Mid-Day Meal scheme requires that
Nutrition does a lot to the body than we know; it not only makes us strong and active but also has direct connection to development of various functions of the body. It is easy to identify the tangible effects of lack of nutrition that is, body weight, physical strength and the like; however nutrition also is required for functions that are not visible or easily measurable. One such vital
Founded in the year 2000 with just 5 schools and 1500 students in Bangalore, Karnataka, The Akshaya Patra Foundation today feeds 1.3 million hungry mouths at Government schools across 9 states and 21 locations in India. Thirteen years ago, the pioneers of this not-for-profit organisation probably did not know that their dream of reaching out to over a million children would become reality one day
Summer’s kicking in, and with the sunshine and picnics come sweat, grime and a whole host of weather related diseases. As much as people wait for winter to end and summer to begin, very few are physically prepared for the toll these couple of months takes on you. Personally I prefer to warmth to the cold any day, but I still need to make sure my system is equipped to stay healthy and fight
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