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Revised Cost

The Akshaya Patra Foundation - National Average Deficit Cost for Meals

A donation of Rs 750* from you can help us feed a child and keep him/her in school for a whole year.

*Note : The National average of deficit cost of Rs.750 is calculated as Rs.699 + 7.5% general inflation.

State Karnataka Orissa Andhra Chattisgarh Assam Rajasthan Uttar Pradesh Gujarat All India
Cost Per Meal 7.62 8.91 5.57 8.29 7.72 8.49 7.78 6.17 7.40
Less: Subsidy received from Government 4.83 6.13 3.37 4.44 3.48 4.59 4.10 3.37 4.38
Cost Borne by Akshaya Patra 2.79 2.78 2.20 3.85 4.24 3.89 3.68 2.80 3.01
No. of working Days 240 225 224 254 222 227 235 220 232
State-wise deficit cost for meals in a year 669 625 493 978 942 884 864 615 699
State-wise deficit cost + 7.5% Inflation 720 672 530 1051 1013 950 929 661 750

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What can you get for Rs 750?

What can you get for Rs 750?
Either a lot. Or very little. But you'd be surprised to know that Akshaya Patra can feed a child for one whole academic year for Rs 750! Help us feed more children and keep them in school Read More