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“Now Mallika is more confident of achieving her dreams’’

Submitted by Anonymous on Fri, 2012-12-21 18:42


Mallika is a Grade 7 student from GMPS Doddakalsandra, Bangalore. She is adored by her sisters and grandmother. She is one of the brightest kids in the family of 10. Her sisters were forced to discontinue their studies and start earning for the family. But her sisters are supportive when it comes to Mallika’s education. One of them says, “There are times when we wish we had continued our education because we know that we could have led a better life than what we are leading at the moment. But we weren’t lucky enough. But we don’t want our little sister to face the same fate. We will help her continue her education as much as possible.”  Her mother too insists that Mallika needs to concentrate on her studies rather than be forced to do any household work. Mallika also puts forth her ambition and says, “I want to study and become a doctor to help the needy.”

Akshaya Patra mid day meal beneficiariesHer aunt says, “For Mallika, her studies, her school, her teachers have always been the subject of any conversation at home.  She says, “Going to school has made me more confident of my abilities. I know I can achieve my dreams if I put in all the effort. Earlier my English was poor. But the constant encouragement and guidance from my teachers has helped me improve.  I sometimes correct my sisters.” She pauses for a smile and then adds, “I have also learnt that we need to treat everybody with equality.”  Mallika is one of the beneficiaries of Akshaya Patra meal. Stories like these are the source of motivation for Akshaya Patra to reach out to more and more children in India in a steady pace. 


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