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Ministry of Human Resource Development [Department of School Education & Literacy]

“Situation Analysis of Mid-Day Meal programme in Rajasthan”; University of Rajasthan and UNICEF; Prof. Beena Mathur, et al; 2005

(i) Introduction of menu based midday meal has positively impacted enrollment and daily attendance of children.

         - 75% teachers said that mid day meal has boosted enrollment

         - 85% teachers said that mid day meal has enhanced school attendance

(ii) Cooked Mid Day meal has reduced classroom hunger especially those belonging to underprivileged sections.

(iii) Cooked mid day meal has also contributed to the cause of social equity as children, cutting across caste and class lines sit together to share a common meal.

(iv) Mid day meals have contributed to the cause of gender equity by providing employment opportunity to women and also by liberating of poor working mothers as they can leave early for work.

(v) 67% of the parents interviewed, felt that the quality of mid day meal is satisfactory.

(vi) 85% parents felt that the scheme should continue.

Report on Akshara Dasoha Scheme of Karnataka” ; Dr Rama Naik; University of Dharwad; 2005

(i) Sharp rise in enrollment particularly in the rural areas.

(ii) The programme has made positive impact on teacher absenteeism. 64% of school felt that there has been a reduction.

(iii) Mid day meal is served regularly.

(iv) Schools supplied de-worming tablets and vitamins and iron tablets.

(v) No discrimination was found with respect to serving and eating food on the basis of caste etc.

(vi) 72% of the parents felt that their children had gained weight because of Mid day Meal.

(vii) 59% of the parents felt that their children suffered less from common ailments like cold and cough.

(viii) More than 90% of parents were satisfied with the scheme.

(ix) 95.5 % of the children felt that food was tasty and 90% said that drinking water was available.

(x) 95% of the children felt that their concentration had improved.

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