Quality of Mid Day Meal

Quality and Food Safety are the primary ingredients at each of the Akshaya Patra kitchens. Learning from the past, we have introduced various metrics in every area of operations and service delivery. We have also partnered with different organisations to review the quality of the mid-day meals we prepare and serve children. To maintain the quality of the meal, standardisation of recipes across all locations has been undertaken. To improve quality standards, advance projects like Kaizen and 5S have been started in different locations. Employee Health and Safety activities are conducted to further increase hygiene standards and improve safety and health.


The table below shows the required dietary norms as stated by the Central Mid-Day Meal Scheme:


The table below shows the item-wise dietary norms as stated by the Central Mid-Day Meal Scheme:

We strive to ensure that children not only have access to 'unlimited food for education' but also to prescribed quantities of the nutrition. In order to consistently maintain quality of the meal, we take feedback from schools on a daily basis while delivering the meal. We are adopting and implementing Kaizen, CI Projects and Six Sigma methodologies to ensure quality on all terms.

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