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Vehicle Donation

Gift Akshaya Patra a vehicle to deliver meals for the children!

The Meals on Wheels

A beautiful blue bus is the carrier of the freshly cooked meal that delivers hot food to over a million children across the nation. Over the years, the bus has become the emblem of wholesome food for the children in schools where Akshaya Patra food is served. Well designed, these technological marvels are simple yet sophisticated. The insulation keeps the food hot even when the distance between the source and destination is over 40 kilometres. The vessels are designed to avoids spillage and design of the vehicle ensures optimum use of space for carrying sufficient quantities of all the items on the menu.

You can now sponsor a vehicle! and be that ray of hope!
Your name or company logo will be displayed on the vehicle, throughout its lifetime!

A ceremony to introduce the vehicle will be arranged for, where you could cut the ribbon and also visit the first school where the food will be served!


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