Akshaya Patra is delighted to partner with Grade1to6.com

Akshaya Patra is delighted to partner with Grade1to6.com

We are pleased to partner with Grade1to6.com - a new educational website launched to help students perfect their curriculum. Grade1to6.com will reach out to all the Akshaya Patra schools where we run our mid-day meal programme.

Learning through structured, comprehensive worksheets is one key way to develop children’s understanding of subject matter, and the educational website www.grade1to6.com is meant for parents, teachers, and students in grade 1 to 6 all over the world, offering thousands of printable work sheets. The worksheets focus to strengthen the fundamentals and basics in subjects like Mathematics, English, Science, Activities and GK, with a complete curriculum covering US, UK, Singapore, IB, ICSE, and states board syllabus of most states, with contents added regularly.

Over 5000 worksheets in www.grade1to6.com  are organized grade wise in a quick, easy and cost effective way, giving working parents and busy teachers easy access to global contents. The content of the aesthetically designed sheets was developed by a team of enthusiastic, working professionals with the mission to encourage children to practice more worksheets to give them clear and sound understanding of the subject.

For just $15 per year, parents, teachers, and children are granted access to the entire website. The content will be completely free for all state and central government schools in India, Australia, America and the world at large, once the respective government or ministry writes in expressing their willingness to become a part of this.


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