Feeding covid-19 patients

Feeding covid-19 patients

The virus does not limit itself or decide borders of age and gender. Numbers worldwide have drastically spiked and the need to boost immunity of patients to help them recover is imperative. It is a crucial time for all of us.

In India, over 14,500 people have come under the clutches of the virus and 27,200 people have successfully fought it. Our approach to fight the deadly virus has to be re-calibrated. Along with quality clinical care, consuming an immunity-rich diet is quintessential.


With support from the Government, corporate and individual donors, Akshaya Patra has taken up the feeding of COVID-affected patients in cities like Ramanagar and Bangalore, Karnataka.

To aid the process of recovery of 250 COVID-19 patients, 750 meals are served on a daily basis that include:

  • 250 meals for breakfast
  • 250 meals for lunches
  • 250 meals for dinner 

Patients are fighting with all their might and the least we can do is support them to fuel their immune system.

Render a helping hand to feed patients with an immunity-rich diet.

Your support to Akshayapatra is nescessary for the recovery of COVID patients.

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