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These are the testing times for the mankind as we traverse through the ongoing pandemic. It has been more than one and half year since the outbreak and the Coronavirus is manifesting its devastating nature in various forms across the globe. We at Genesis Ray are deeply worried and concerned particularly about the recent surge in India. The country struggled with the second wave of the Covid-19 pandemic with more than 3,00,000 daily new cases between April and May 2021. Though the severity of the 2nd wave seems to be on a slide now with cases reducing every day, it has left its devastating aftereffect across the society, particularly on children. 

Genesis Ray considers that it is our social responsibility to attend to at least some of those affected by the pandemic and even if we are able to touch a few lives in whatever way possible, it would be the most meaningful contribution from us to the society. With this broad thinking, we have identified The Akshaya Patra Foundation to support our cause and be on the ground for those who seek assistance.  The Akshaya Patra Foundation is an NGO in India that runs the largest midday meal program for underprivileged children in the world. 

Please watch the short clip above, showcasing Akshaya Patra's good work and kindly consider joining this effort. Thank you very much.

Family Happiness Kit

To enhance the nutritional intake of children as outlined by the Mid-Day Meal Scheme guidelines, Akshaya Patra has initiated a plan to bridge the nutrition gap of government school children, and boost immunity, hygiene and learning through the Family Happiness Kit initiative.

The Family Happiness Kit initiative will help make food available to families to pre-empt hunger and protect children from malnutrition, promote nutrition, immunity, education, and hygiene in children during the pandemic..

The Family Happiness Kit contains the following items:

  • Cereals -  Rice (5kg), Wheat Flour (5kg), Wheat Daliya (1kg)
  • Proteins - Tur Dal Sava (1kg), Desi Chana (1kg), Peanuts (0.25kg)
  • Edible Oils - Refined Edible Oil (1kg)
  • Spices - Garam Masala (0.1kg), Red Chilly Powder (0.1 kg), Turmeric Powder (0.2kg)
  • Salt & Jaggery -  Jaggery (1kg), Iodised Salt (1kg)
  • Breakfast for a Child -  Glucose Biscuits (0.5kg)
  • Hygiene -  4Ply Non-woven Masks (4), Toothpaste (1), Family Soap Bar (1), Sanitary Pads (7)
  • Education & Covid-19 Awareness Material -  Classmate Notebooks 192 pages (2), Covid Awareness Book (1)

Cost of one family happiness kit: INR 1,200 (SGD 22.00)

Cooked Meals

The meals provided are from a simple two item menu:

  • Rice and Daal (Lentils)    
  • Khichdi (Rice and Lentils) & Subji (vegetable curry)

Cost of one meal per person: INR 22 (SGD 0.40)

Amount raised so far

₹ 76,421

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