giving every dream a chance


Giving Every Dream a Chance – Shekar, The Aspiring Chef

“When you are sad or feeling low, good food will always make you feel better.”

When you dream of becoming a chef, the chance to work in the kitchen of a five-star hotel is something of an icing on the cake. Shekar saw the dream and Akshaya Patra set the ball rolling for the 14-year-old by charting a month-long mentorship programme, where he refined his skills under the watchful eyes of Chef Ramasamy Selvaraju of the Vivanta by Taj. For a recipe to be successful, it’s important that all ingredients blend well. As you can see in this video, the two important ingredients, opportunity and hard work blended exceptionally well in Shekar’s case.

Giving Every Dream a Chance – Shivu, The Aspiring Astronomer

“Space must be such a lonely place. With just the stars for company.”

Stars are among the few fascinating things that make our eyes twinkle in childhood. It was no different for 14-year-old Shivu. However, in his case, the ‘fascination’ has evolved into ‘passion.’ Akshaya Patra took his dream to become an astronomer and chiseled it with its mentorship programme. Under the guidance of Ms Preeti Krishnamurthy, Senior Research Fellow in Astrophysics, Shivu got a closer look at the sky. His one-on-one sessions with his mentor were as enlightening as his trips to some of the best space and research facilities in and around Bengaluru. At the end of the mentorship, Shivu had his own telescope and that did boost his morale. All in all, his journey throughout the mentorship programme was nothing short of impressive and this video traces the same.

Giving Every Dream a Chance – Manjula, The Debuting Actress

“… when you become an actor, you can become anything you want.”

When you look into the mirror and see the reflection of a performer, it’s not the reflection you see, but a dream. This is the dream Manjula saw. The 14-year-old—a star in her own right—was like a rough diamond. All that was needed was to polish the rough edges. That happened when Akshaya Patra decided to boost Manjula’s dream by enrolling her in a month-long acting mentorship programme at the Bangalore School of Speech and Drama under the watchful eyes of its Founder-Director, Dr. Zulfia Shaikh. And therein waiting for her was a surprise in the form of her screen idol, who had come to watch her debut performance.




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