We all experience hunger every once in a while. It makes us lose focus, hinders our motivation to work and before we know it, we get ourselves something to eat. But when it lasts for years through generations, it becomes a serious issue that affects not just the individual but also the society as a whole.  

World Hunger Day

serves as an annual reminder worldwide to come together and fight against chronic hunger and malnutrition. The theme for 2023 is “Celebrating sustainable solutions to hunger and poverty”.

And what better way to observe it than feeding school children from lesser-privileged backgrounds to end the vicious cycle of insufficiency once and for all!

The grave concern

Lasting hunger among growing children leads to irreversible damage, including stunted physical growth, cognitive impairment and weakened immune systems that can affect their ability to learn and succeed for the rest of their lives.

Understanding this malignant consequence, a collaborative endeavour of the Indian government, donors and Akshaya Patra has been at work for 22 years to provide hot, tasty, safe, locally-palatable and nourishing meals to children in government and government-aided schools.
Today, we have grown to nourish 2 million children every school day.

Every meal is packed with the below nutrient proportions:

Join the movement this World Hunger Day!

Let’s empower young minds with wholesome mid-day meals in their schools and help them overcome all obstacles to their education, health and future. With every meal we serve, we paint a brighter tomorrow, where dreams can flourish and aspirations can take flight.

Together, we have the power to create a world where children can concentrate on learning, playing and growing into invincible achievers.

₹ 1,500 feeds a child in school for ONE academic year!



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Hunger does not have to exist when this world is generous.



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